Milik: “Juventus Had Been Following Me Since I Was in Napoli”

Juventus striker Arkadiusz Milik has enjoyed a decent start to his stint in Turin, having arrived from Olympique de Marseille on loan at the start of the season. The Polish striker is happy to be wearing the Bianconeri colors, as he stated in an interview with L’Equipe (via Calciomercato), as he also took stock of the tactical differences between Serie A and Ligue 1.

“Here in Italy, there is much more tactics, both in training and in matches. In France, on the other hand, there are many more spaces for fast players, or wide-ranging players who run a lot.”

He also shared information about his transfer to Juventus.

“The contacts for my transfer started before the match against Nantes, in which I remained on the bench. Juventus had been following me since I was in Napoli, but then it was not possible to find a common point. But we are happy to have met today.”

Milik believes he could have done much better at Marseille if he had received better support.

 “At Marseille I did well, but I could have done much better and I know it well. Sometimes, however, to do better, especially with my characteristics, you need great people around you, who also play for you.”

Finally, he praised Massimiliano Allegri for the tactical instructions he gives.

“I speak Italian well and this is an important advantage . I have no problem understanding the coach and all the instructions he gives me. In almost all the matches I played in Turin I had another striker next to me. I think this is easier because you have more solutions.”

Milik has 4 goals from 11 appearances this season for Juventus.