Agent Muses on Osimhen Renewing His Napoli Contract

Roberto Calenda commented on the much-awaited renewal of Victor Osimhen, which Napoli announced last Saturday, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

“It was a historical negotiation. Great work, great satisfaction. It was the acknowledgment of what he has done and is doing on the pitch. He’s scoring this year too despite the injury. At times, everything seems to be taken for granted. We forget he carried the team to winning a Scudetto they hadn’t lifted in 33 years. He has built something incredible along with his teammates.”

Calenda refused to comment on the rumored release clause in the new Osimhen contract and addressed his Napoli future.

“He’s fine here and wants to lead the club as high as possible. He has always said it and proved it on the pitch. We just concluded a very important extension in the history of Italian football. Let’s enjoy it. Moreover, it proves that some narratives were wrong. I heard that I didn’t want it to push for a transfer. The usual trick of blaming the agent: it was false. I represent Victor and aim at the best for him. We wanted to prolong since the summer.”

Calenda revealed that Napoli already turned down large offers for Osimhen.

“There have been many bids, even monster ones, but Aurelio De Laurentiis wanted to keep him. We made ourselves available. We would have said it if we wanted out. Instead, we worked on the new contract. The same will happen next summer: we’ll talk with the president and decide what to do together.”

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