Agent on Loanees and Unhappy Napoli and Lazio Stars

Napoli won’t need to look far for two midfield reinforcements, as Gianluca Gaetano and Michael Folorunsho flourished on loan at Cagliari and Verona and could be part of their squad next season. Their agent Mario Giuffredi dished about them and more to TVPlay.

“They needed to explore Serie A and figure out whether they belonged. It was right to do it away from the Azzurri. They forged their own path and proved to be strong players. They could return and have starring roles. Being on the radar of the Italy coach is already a dream come true for both.”

Giuffredi was quizzed about Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo potentially joining Inter.

“I don’t want to give an answer about anything before the end of the season. We’ll see after.”

According to Corriere dello Sport, the captain has asked out in a recent meeting with new director Giovanni Manna as he believes his cycle in Campania has ended. However, the next coach will try to talk him into staying.

Giuffredi also took stock of the affairs at Lazio following a coaching change.

“It’s true that Mattia Zaccagni always played in 4-3-3, but Igor Tudor fields two attacking midfielders, and he can feature there. He’s a good fit for the manager’s style and will be closer to the box. It’s not true that Nicolò Casale got fed up with Maurizio Sarri and was no longer faring well because of that. Instead, he went through a difficult moment for personal reasons. The boss had nothing to do with that. He’s in better shape now because he overcame it.”

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