Agent Riso Comments on Tonali and Frattesi Transfers

Giuseppe Riso conducted the first two major deals of the summer as he represents both Sandro Tonali and Davide Frattesi. He commented on the two operations to Calciomercato, starting with the ex-Milan midfielder.

“We are very satisfied, and I wish to take advantage of the opportunity to remember Mino Raiola, whom we miss a lot. He changed the way we operate and improved it. He helped the press too since he always put on a show and created an attraction.”

“When teams like Newcastle and the important ownerships of the Premier League, which is the NBA of football, come to the table, it’s only right for all parties to sit down and reflect.”

Riso confirmed that Milan made a late attempt for Frattesi once Tonali departed.

“We had lunch with them the day we sealed the deal with Inter. We discussed him too, but there wasn’t enough time. The Nerazzurri were moving a lot faster and we decided the conclude the negotiation with them. I’m happy for him because strongly wanted to join them. We ultimately reached our objective.”

La Beneamata formally announced the arrival of the ex-Sassuolo star Thursday night. Milan are now focusing on Tijjani Reijnders to replenish their midfield.

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