Agnelli Pens Heartfelt Letter Following Resignation

Andrea Agnelli, who’s stepping down as Juventus president, explained his decision with a long technical statement and a letter to the fans and shareholders (via DAZN).

“When you play and for Juventus, winning is your only goal. Who has the privilege of wearing our colors knows it. We are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and our results are the product of team work. Since 2010, we honored our history by achieving extraordinary results: the construction of the Juventus Stadium, the JMedical center, and the museum, nine Scudetti in a row, we were the first Italian side to have Netflix and Amazon Prime series, and five women’s titles. Furthermore, the deals with Volkswagen and Adidas, the Champions League finals in Berlin and Cardiff, our biggest regrets, the Coppa Italia with the U-23 squad, and we became the first outfit represented in UEFA’s executive committee.”

After listing his accomplishments, Agnelli hinted at why he’s leaving his position.

“When the team isn’t united, you are exposed, and that could be fatal. In this moment, we need to be lucid and limit the damages. We are facing a delicate phase at the corporate level and we lacked compactness. It’s better to step down together, giving the new board a chance to overturn this match. Our awareness will be their challenge, which will be to be worthy of the history of the club. I will continue to imagine and work towards a better football, supported by a sentence by Friedrich Nietzsche: ‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ We will recognize ourselves everywhere at a glance since we are Juventus people. Until the end.”

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