Allegri Announces Ronaldo Departure, Urges Not to Dwell on It

Coach Massimiliano Allegri confirmed the widespread rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving. “He told me yesterday that he has does not intend to stay at Juventus. He did not practice today and will miss tomorrow’s game.” 

The gaffer expanded on the ramifications of the loss of their star: “Everybody will have more responsibilities. We have a lot of young players, and we need to improve in every aspect. How quickly we could reach the right mental balance to manage the games properly will make a big difference.”

Allegri was asked if he was disappointed: “Absolutely not. Cristiano made his choice. Several champions and great coaches passed through here; in the end, only Juventus stays, which is the most important thing. He provided his contribution for three years, now he departs, and life goes on.”

“The fact that he started on the bench last week did not influence his decision. At that time, he said to me that he was staying. This is how the transfer market works, the situations change, and we have to accept it. Juventus keep only the players that are happy here.”

Allegri concluded: “Ronaldo informed his teammates today and greeted them. I am not surprised by anything anymore; everybody takes care of his own needs. We must look forward since only the results matter. The roster is excellent, and I am very pleased with it. We could easily stand pat if we did not find somebody who could really improve it. I am eager to see their reaction. We have no alibis. We have a lot of players that can score more, and we must distribute the missing production.”

The Portuguese ace has already left Turin. He might not join Manchester City after all, as United have forcefully joined the race.