Allegri Gets Unexpected Support from Juventus Ultras

The Juventus Ultras have decided to back Massimiliano Allegri, stating that they wouldn’t want Antonio Conte or Thiago Motta, in a statement announcing they would desert the final home games of the season as they feel ostracized by some limitations to what they can bring into the stadium.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the hardcore fans side with the coach primarily for the attachment he has shown to the team over the years and his leadership and professionalism especially in recent seasons during the team’s judiciary problems.

The organized supporters have occasionally had some chants for Allegri in the recent Juventus games. They often boo the other fans when they whistle the team for the result and the quality of play.

Instead, new director Cristiano Giuntoli will need a very convincing summer to break through the faithful’s hearts, at least the more passionate ones.

Our Take on Juventus and Allegri

His tenure hasn’t been all black but, realistically, the only thing that could keep him on the bench is the ownership’s unwillingness to have two coaches on the payroll in a trying time from the financial standpoint. That’d be a grave error and would only set the stage for a bleaker campaign under a lame-duck coach. Considering how steeply they dipped in the second half of the season and his lackluster style, there’d be little justification to commit to the coach for multiple seasons through a renewal, which would instead be the standard for teams in this situation.

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