Amazon Enters the Fray for Serie A Broadcast Rights

Amazon is in the running to acquire at least part of the rights to broadcast Serie A in the next three seasons as the January 26th’s deadline to present bids is approaching, Bloomberg and Gazzetta dello Sport reports.

The League, which is offering various packages based on the platform, is looking for at least €1.15B per year for the entirety of the offer, with a €117M spike per season compared to the current deal. The process will move to private negotiations with the broadcasters if the goal is not met in the first auction, which is considered likely. Moreover, as stated in the release, Serie A would have the freedom to create its own channel and shop it to the various networks at that point.

According to Italian newspapers, the Seattle-based corporation is interested in the internet rights, which are up for sale in two separate packages: a €250M one featuring 380 exclusive matches or a €150M one for 114 contests. Amazon will battle it out with Sky, which have been transmitting Serie A for years, and DAZN, which have been airing three tilts per round in the last triennium. DAZN and Sky later struck a deal to set up a dedicated satellite channel. Amazon Prime Video is already among the apps that are easily accessible on the Sky Q decoder following a recent partnership between the two companies.

Considering how the packages are structured, the broadcasters could end up co-existing, each getting a slice of the pie. No matter how the Serie A auction goes, Amazon will make his football debut in Italy next season as they have purchased the rights to broadcast one weekly Champions League match.