Ancelotti Picks Napoli over Milan in Champions League

Carlo Ancelotti said that his heart is split in half for Milan and Real Madrid, but he backed Napoli to go all the way in Champions League. He was interviewed by DAZN.

“They might win the competition. All the remaining teams potentially can. In order to prevail, you need to consider yourself the strongest competitor and be optimistic. We are very dangerous side when we get to this point because we are very familiar with this stage. History says that this is the most important cup for the Merengues.”

The coach heaped praise on the Parteopei.

“They overhauld the squad and changed the pecking order in the locker room by bringing in a new atmosphere and motivations. Luciano Spalletti is one of the best tacticians around. This happy union allowed them to win the title.”

Ancelotti revisited his departure from Napoli.

“In football, clubs often lose faith in the ability of the gaffer after a couple of years. Partying ways was the best thing we could do at the time. When the coach perceives that, he has to move on as soon as possible.”

The manager weighed in on his allegiance.

“I’m Milanista and Madridista, 50/50. I’ve played for and coached the Rossoneri. Real is the crème de la crème. They are the clubs I’m the most attached to. I’m not much different from whom I was when is managed Reggiana in 1996, but I have more experience, and that helps you grow and improve. However, I still have the same character.”

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