Andrea Agnelli Weighs in on Resignation and Allegations

Andrea Agnelli chaired his last shareholders’ meeting today and commented on his resignation caused by several accusations of financial crimes (via Tuttomercatoweb).

“The decision the leave my position as president wasn’t easy. Besides loving Juventus, I’ve alwasy strived to achieve the best possible results on and off the pitch, and they have been extraordinary. I’ve decided convincingly and serenely. The club has to defend itself. I personally believe we operated correctly. My opinion is corroborated by the analysis of several experts. The charges against us are unjustified.”

“Juventus will prove their good and legitimate reasons. Despite that, the team has to forge ahead on the path we started to protect its best interests. That’s the reason why I considered opportune stepping down, also to prevent anybody from thinking that future choices would be influenced by my personal involvement. It was an honor to helm this side, which comes first and foremost.”

CFO Pietro Cerrato, who’s leaving along with Agnelli, explained the revised balance sheets (via Sky).

“The numbers are different because we made modifications based on the indications on the delayed wages during the pandemic. The effects of this prudential approach aren’t economically relevant in the 2020/2022 triennium. The losses amount to €239M, with the revenue shrinking by €37M compared to 2021 and with the debt decreasing significantly. COVID had a negative impact on this session due to the restricted access to the stadium and lower game-day income. That was the case also for the rights to the performances of the players.”

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