Bari Could Beat Bologna and Firenze to Host UEFA Euro 2032

Five stadiums in Italy will host the UEFA Euro 2032 tournament, and several cities are in the lead to gain their respective hosting status. Bari’s Stadio San Nicola has been mentioned as a potential destination as well, and according to Bari Sport Councilor, Pietro Petruzzelli, the city is in a good position.

Petruzzelli spoke to TeleBari (via TuttoBolognaweb) in an exclusive talk and shed light on the developments taking place at San Nicola, which is the third largest stadium in Italy after San Siro and Stadio Olimpico.

“The redevelopment works of San Nicola are nearing completion with an investment of €12M for the turf, covers, scoreboards, seats, and lighting. We also have the aim of eliminating the first centimeters of the athletics track and redesigning it for a better visual impact. We also want to put a ‘Bari’ sign in the center of the track. These developments will put the city in an advantageous position compared to others, such as Bologna and Florence, to host the Euro 2032 matches.”

Italian authorities are taking measures to ensure facilities in the country are being modernized to the best of their abilities, given the return of a major football event in the nation for the first time since the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Cagliari, and Bari are all potential venues, with the first three surefire contenders to host the tournament.

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