Bergomi: “Barella Misses the First Goal, He Must Make a Foul”

Sky Italia pundit and former Inter defender Beppe Bergomi claimed that central midfielder Nicolo Barella was at fault for the first goal within the Nerazzurri’s 2-0 defeat to Juventus.

After a well-cleared corner from the Bianconeri defence, Barella hesitated to commit to the tackle while having Filip Kostic hovering in-behind. As a result, the Serbian international smelled blood and went full-fledged, beating the Italian international physically in order to strip the ball and break on the counter. The wing-back diverted a low-driven cross to Adrien Rabiot, allowing Juventus to clinch the lead after a difficult first half.

While on air after the fixture, as per Tuttomercatoweb, Bergomi provided his insight on Inter’s performance within their frustrating defeat on Turin soil:

“The match showed that it was on a subtle balance. It is true that Inter were preferred, but one episode was enough and in fact Inter scored from a corner in favor, which breaks the balance. Juventus then takes the game in hand. Barella misses the first goal, he must make a foul. Inter have lost five games, in which they conceded thirteen goals. When they went under they failed to reassemble. Only in five teams have they conceded more goals. The team can do match-ups, but the best matches are played with open teams. Juventus did not allow restarts, Inter are struggling to attack covered teams. “