Bonucci Discusses His Milan Transfer, Vlahovic and More

Leonardo Bonucci addressed the 2021-2022 campaign for Juventus: “There is some regret because we dropped a lot of points. We could have been in the running for the Scudetto with just two or three more. Mistakes can happen during a transitional phase. They must be teachable moments for us. We hope to do better in Italy and Europe next season.”

The defender talked to DAZN about his controversial move to Milan: “As everybody knows, the Bianconeri have always come first for me. I made that choice out of disappointment, anger and frustration. However, those feelings got erased afterward. You learn from your mistakes. I am happy to be a role model for the youngsters in the squad now. I aim to keep being that for two more years since my contract runs out in 2024.”

Bonucci dished on Dusan Vlahovic: “I think he needs to figure out to be less frenetic with the ball on his feet. The coach asks him to do a lot, and he has to make decisions in a hurry. It is normal to be over-exuberant when you are young. He brought a lot of enthusiasm, scored a few goals, and bolstered our attack. He took away responsibilities from other players, and he is key for us.”

The center-back touched on the debate about playing styles: “I am sure everybody would like to have 70-80 percent possession and have fun. However, results matter in most matches. I think combining the two philosophies would be ideal, but it is not easy to do that. We had some great showings in losing efforts this season. It is all part of a journey. At times, we paid the price for lack of experience. But I think we laid the foundation for the future.”