Bonucci Starts Legal Action Versus Juventus for Damages

Leonardo Bonucci and Juventus parted ways last summer, but the saga isn’t over just yet. The defender has decided to sue his former club. He has joined Union Berlin on a free move in the final days of the transfer window.

As Gianluca Di Marzio reports, his lawyers Antonio Conte and Gabriele Zuccheretti will act based on the bylaws of the collective bargaining agreement. The center-back is eyeing reparation. He couldn’t practice properly before leaving. He believes he has sustained professional and image damage due to the situation.

Bonucci is going after Juventus also to help out other players who find themselves in the same situation and don’t have the opportunity to react accordingly.

He believes there were anomalies in how the brass and the coaching staff operated after freezing him out. He could train only at different hours than his teammates. Moreover, he felt he didn’t have the correct support. Plus, he couldn’t access the gym, the pool, or the restaurant.

Bonucci argues Juventus executed a deliberate plan to make him feel excluded. Should he be successful, he’ll donate the money to Neuroland, a non-profit that helps the kids undergoing treatments at the pediatric neurosurgery clinic of the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin, and Live Olus, which donates defibrillators to small sports clubs by auctioning off memorabilia.

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