Bonucci Wants to Stay Despite Being Ousted by Juventus

Leonardo Bonucci showed up for the pre-season medicals as scheduled after the Juventus brass showed him the door last week. The defender will practice on the side along with a few other players set to leave and won’t participate in the upcoming United States trip.

Per SportMediaset, the captain was welcomed by the cheers of the supporters outside the clinic. One fan shouted that he didn’t deserve such treatment.

Bonucci isn’t resigned to the outcome and will attempt to fight for his spot in the Juventus squad.

“My desire is to stay. Thanks to everybody for the affection.”

The faithful also voiced their opinion about the prospective acquisition of Romelu Lukaku: “We don’t want him.” The deal hinges on PSG acquiring Dusan Vlahovic first, though. The possible arrival of the Serb was met with vitriol by a few French fans, who reminded him of a controversial celebration while starring for Serbia against France with an aggressive banner.

Bonucci has a year on his contract, which Juventus are trying to clear off the books. He’ll train with outcasts Weston McKennie, Denis Zakaria, Marko Pjaca, and Arthur until he departs or is eventually reinstated, although it doesn’t appear it will happen anytime soon.

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