Brest Linchpin Frontrunner to Replenish Milan Defense

Milan tested the waters for a pair of expensive acquisitions, but Lilian Brassier is the defender who’s the closest to them for the time being. He’s on the radar of a few French teams, but he’d pick the Rossoneri if given the chance, La Gazzetta dello Sport relays.

Director Geoffrey Moncada commented on the talent in a recent interview.

“We’ve been following for a long time. He’s an interesting player. He’s on our list, but there’s no agreement yet.”

Milan plot to further bolster their defense after adding Matteo Gabbia and Filippo Terracciano, and Brassier might be the easiest to sign among their targets, even though they’d have to spend a little.

The Rossoneri continue to be in talks for Clement Lenglet, but Aston Villa don’t want to sever his loan early. Moreover, they’d prefer to invest in a younger player.

The 24-year-old has been a staple for Brest since joining from Rennes in 2021. His price tag is about €10M. The Serie A powerhouse would like to limit the disbursement. He has appeared 15 times this season.

Our Take on Milan and Brassier

Radu Dragusin and Alessandro Buongiorno turned out to be pipe dreams in the blink of an eye, especially since they don’t have the same resources as other European giants in January. They don’t really need a high-profile acquisition at the position, as their injured players are all young-ish. It’s more likely that they’ll acquire the Frenchman or somebody else of the same caliber.

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