Buffon Talks New Italy Role, Juventus, and Title Race

Gianluigi Buffon is coming off his first turn as the Italy’s head of the delegation and team manager. He spoke about the recent experience and more in an interview with DAZN (via OneFootball).

“It was very nice. I was welcomed very well by the president, the officials, the gaffer, and his staff. I’ve been involved with the guys too since day one. Being empathic and capable of interacting with them allows you to be more credible.”

The legendary goalkeeper took stock of Serie A in the European landscape.

“A few top players left for Saudi Arabia, and the Old Continent got impoverished, but there’s more balance now. Inter and Milan can beat anybody, even Manchester City or Real Madrid, on their day.”

Buffon spoke about Juventus and their recent controversies.

“There’s something every week, and you don’t get bored. Strong performances are the best cure for everything. I can’t say much about Paul Pogba and Leonardo Bonucci. I’m sorry because of know them both and the Bianconeri well. However, besides the coach, there was an overhaul, so it’d be out of line for me to pass judgement.”

Buffon believes the Old Lady will play a role in the title race.

“In my mind, they could have competed last season already, then some circumstances prevented it. I don’t see many teams with an equally good squad. Inter have maybe more quality but also a busier schedule.”

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