Calabria Sure of Milan Scudetto Chances Despite Short Skid

Davide Calabria discussed the recent underwhelming Milan games and the Scudetto race: “I think Torino are one the most difficult teams to face because they pressure you very intensely and do not let you play. They limited our offense. We are not happy, but we can not win every game. Fortunately, others have had some stumbles too. We look that the bright side, as we are still top of the League with a few games to go.”

The defender talked to SportMediaset: “It is evident that we have solidified the defense at this point, and we are just missing the right spark to break the deadlock. We have focused a lot on the notion that, if we do not concede, we will eventually find a way to score. That has not happened in the last two matches. The strikers could go through slow stretches at times, but they must not lose faith. We have to shoot more, which is the only way to score.”

Calabria commented on the main Milan rivals, Inter and Napoli: “All three teams are great. We probably were not the frontrunners at the start of the season, but we always believed we could compete. We never set any limit to what we could achieve. We are not perfect, but nobody is. It is paramount for us to exploit all the potential at our disposal. We are doing everything in our power to take home something we have not won in years. Others invested more, but we are confident.”