Cardinale Outlines His Strategy for New Milan Course

New Milan owner Gerry Cardinale explained his vision during the ‘Invest in Sports’ convention organized by Sportico in New York. The tycoon weighed in during the portion dedicated to ‘expanding international portfolios’ (via La Gazzetta dello Sport).

“You can’t buy a team and stand still. The challenge is to shake it up a little. You can’t come in guns blazing. We have to understand how, but we can surely contribute. At a macro level, all leagues are equal, but each one has its own characteristics. For instance, nobody has built a new stadium in Italy since 2011. There is a gulf between TV rights for Serie A, Premier League and La Liga.”

Cardinale plans to take from his previous experiences to lift Milan.

“It will be a hybrid between what I did at Liverpool and Toulouse. Outfits are entertainment companies at this point. I’ve learned with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox that you can’t win all the time. That’s the beauty of sports. The Rossoneri took home the Scudetto and the expectation is to repeat, but the gap with the English sides in Champions League is evident. I think it’s beneficial to have an ownership with different teams. Synergies can make you grow. It’s all very theoretical at this point, but there’s a logic behind it in my mind.”

Cardinale praised the former Milan governors and skirted a question about the Super League.

“Elliott did a great job and I opted for continuity. I don’t have an exit strategy in mind. I don’t invest thinking about how and when I will get out. When you reach a certain level, everything becomes very political. We have to make Serie A more competitive.”

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