Cassano Bashes Cristiano Ronaldo, Haaland and Totti

Antonio Cassano has turned into a flamboyant pundit in recent years and jabbed multiple current and former players while partaking in the ‘Muschio Selvaggio’ podcast hosted by Fedez and Luis Sal (via Corriere della Sera).

“You can like Cristiano Ronaldo or not, and I don’t, but I have great respect for him and his career. However, you have to quit at some point, and he should do it now since he’s become a bench player.”

“Erling Haaland is a mix between Adriano and Christian Vieri. But he doesn’t really know how to play. Robert Lewandowski and Karim Benzema can teat the ball. He’s just a great goal-poacher. Filippo Inzaghi was similar, but he had phenomenal teammates.”

The former attacker weighed in on Giorgio Chiellini.

“He’s one of my best friends and a very educate person. But he manhandled you in games and practice. Plus, he bluffed with you and the referee. He provoked my first red card because I slapped him. I constantly insulted him on the pitch, but we hugged afterwards even though my ankles were always sore after facing him.”

Cassano detailed his falling out with Francesco Totti.

“I joined Roma because he was there, turning down Juventus. We were on great terms for two seasons, then we argued and didn’t talk for four years. He earned ten times more than I did for a TV appearance, and I thought he scammed me. I eventually found out it wasn’t true.”

“In 2004, he, Vincenzo Montella and myself were up for an extension. They reached agreement without telling me before president Franco Sensi passed away. His daughter offered me half as much as I had agreed beforehand. I moved to Real Madrid a year later.”

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