The Grass Is Greener: Real Madrid’s Road to Kiev

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, they say. We may be in love with Italian calcio, but there’s more to football than what happens south of the Alps. As the Champions League Final approaches, The Cult of Calcio’s Spanish correspondent Carlos Molano takes a look at Real Madrid’s road towards Kiev, mixing personal memories with the club’s recent history.

Assi di Coppe: Roma Exit UCL With Heads Held High

All Roma fans could hope for yesterday was an entertaining match, conscious that coming back from three goals should be an exception, not the rule. Still, the Giallorossi went as close as possible to another sensational comeback, prevailing over Liverpool 4-2 in the second leg of a Champions League Semifinal. The Reds advanced on a 7-6 aggregate score, but Roma left the Stadio Olimpico with their heads held high.

Assi di Coppe: Roma Wake Up Late, Liverpool Rule

Liverpool had to score five times, led by a sumptuous Mohammed Salah, before Roma finally woke up and remembered they were playing a Champions League semifinal at Anfield Road. Late goals by Edin Dzeko and Diego Perotti saved the Giallorossi’s face, leaving a feeble qualification hope alive, but it will take another remuntada for Eusebio Di Francesco to come back from last night’s 2-5.

Assi di Coppe: Juventus’ Missed Miracle in Madrid

That hurts. Badly. Juventus’ match at Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid followed the script of a perfect movie, until its very ending – when direction passed in the hands of some sadistic horror movie regisseur. A penalty awarded in the 93rd minute saved Cristiano Ronaldo and his Blancos, after Juve had scored three goals, performing an incredible comeback, and putting the defending European Champions to the ropes.

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