To find out the reasons behind the Italy success at Euro 2020, we delved deeper into the tactical nuances of their performances throughout the tournament

Tactical Analysis: Italy’s Possession-Based Football at Euro 2020

After the Azzurri missed out on the last World Cup, Roberto Mancini has completely revamped the way Italy play, replacing the old-school catenaccio with an exciting brand of possession-based football. To find out the reasons behind Italy’s success at Euro 2020, we delved deeper into the tactical nuances of the Azzurri’s performances throughout the tournament.
Raspadori, Inter

Three Players Who Could Solve Italy’s Center Forward Problem

Italy triumphed in the Euro, so complaining about the roster or strategic moves is merely nitpicking. The Azzurri were thoroughly deserving, as they always appeared in control. Yet, there is a problem Roberto Mancini needs to fix: The center-forward. Given how much Italy create, their path would have been easier with better production from such position. Can they really find a suitable solution in time for the 2022 World Cup?
Roberto Mancini Thrilled as Italy Cruise to Euro 2020 Knock-Outs with 100% Record

How Mancini Revived a Fallen Nation: Five Key Aspects Behind Italy’s Triumph

The 13th of November 2017 - the Italian national team hit rock bottom after failing to advance to the World Cup following a playoff defeat at the hands of Sweden. Less than four years later, Roberto Mancini led Italy towards its most spectacular triumph since 2006, after emerging victorious in front of a shell-shocked English crowd at the infamous Wembley stadium.
Donnarumma, Euro

Donnarumma MVP, Juventus Leader in Scoring and Few Euro Records

Gianluigi Donnarumma was named the best player of the Euro right after the game. Juventus got another goal in the final and they were the most prolific team of the Euro with 12 collective goals. The Bianconeri and Atalanta were the only teams in history to have five different scorers during the course of the competition. Cristiano Ronaldo took home the Golden Shoe and broke away from Michel Platini in the all-time scoring chart.
Donnarumma Italy England Player Ratings

Italy – England Player Ratings: Donnarumma, a National Hero!

England took lead as early as the second minute through Shaw in front of their home crowd at Wembley. Nonetheless, the Azzurri managed to find their way back in the second half thanks to Bonucci's equalizer, and eventually won the penalty shootouts as Donnarumma saved the last two spot kicks. So here are our player ratings for the final between Italy and England.