CEO Ivan Gazidis Credits Stefano Pioli for Milan’s Development

Rossoneri CEO Ivan Gazidis, who is currently undergoing treatment for throat cancer in the United States, reveled in Milan’s current standing and praised Stefano Pioli’s management of the first team.

In an exclusive interview with Sette – Corriere della Sera’s weekly magazine – (via MilanLive) the former Arsenal chief shone light on a number of topics, including expectations at the club after a buzzing transfer market and improved performances.

“We were among the few in the world in the conditions of being able to invest this summer, AC Milan is growing from an economic point of view and people are returning to be proud of being AC Milan fans. What matters is to build this sense of belonging, otherwise it’s just a matter of watching millionaires kicking a ball,” said Gazidis.

He also credited Pioli for turning the Rossoneri into a well-structured team capable of playing at the highest levels once again.

“I give a lot of credit to the leadership of Pioli, a curious man, who follows how football evolves, but also to the hunger of the players. Football is a mental game.”

The Greek-South African executive also pointed out four players whose influence go beyond the performance on field’.

“There are players whose influence goes beyond the performance on the field. That’s Ibra. But Kjaer is also a leader and, with different styles, Kessie and Bennacer,” he explained.

Milan sit third in the league table, unbeaten so far on 13 points with Inter. Napoli are the only team with a 100% record so far with 5 out of 5 wins.