Cesare Prandelli Resigns, Fiorentina Turn Back to Giuseppe Iachini

Cesare Prandelli has surprisingly decided to step down from his position as coach of Fiorentina. The club has officially recalled previous manager Giuseppe Iachini to finish the season before looking at other options in the summer.

Prandelli took over in November after the side had fallen into a prolonged slump. He has collected 21 points in 21 matches, taking home five wins and drawing six times. The Viola currently sit in 14th position, seven points above the relegation. It was his second stint on the Gigliati’s bench as he previously helmed them from 2005 to 2010.

Prandelli hinted at mental health problems and retirement in an open letter: “It is the second time I leave Fiorentina, the first time the call was made by others, today it is my choice. At this point of my life, I find myself in an incredibly incomfortable state that does not allow me to be who I am. I begun this new experience with joy and love, carried away by the enthusiasm of the new ownership. It is probably because of my love for the city and for the good memories that I did not notice the first signals that something was wrong.”

“I feel a huge sense of responsibility towards the players, the management and the fans and I do not want my discomfort to affect the performances of the team. In these last few months, a shadow has grown inside of me that made me change the way I look at things. I am aware my coaching career may end today, but I do not have any regrets. I have been a part of this world for my whole life, but I no longer see myself in it.”