Chelsea and Pochettino Voted Against Signing Vlahovic

Juventus and Chelsea negotiated a swap between Dusan Vlahovic and Romelu Lukaku for a couple of weeks during the summer. It ultimately didn’t come to fruition. The Blues were reluctant to meet the counterparty’s request. Technical reservations about the Serb led to the demise of the proposed deal, Fabrizio Romano disclosed on Bobo TV (via OneFootball).

In particular, Mauricio Pochettino didn’t want the former Fiorentina star. He didn’t think he would have been a great fit for his schemes. The Pensioners tried to lowball the Bianconeri, coming way short of their €40M request, on top of the now Roma striker.

Juventus struggled to find buyers for Vlahovic, and a trade with Chelsea would have been the simplest solution. Massimiliano Allegri would have been happy to bring in Romelu Lukaku considering his traits and experience.

The Bianconeri are reportedly in talks with the camp of the Serb to extend his contract and reduce his wages. He was unaffected by the summer drama. Instead, the Blues haven’t had the best start. They have collected five points and scored five goals in as many matches so far.

Our Take on Vlahovic, Chelsea, and Juventus

While he puts up numbers when healthy, perhaps his lack of contribution in other areas is what dissuades coaches. Allegri not so subtly made it known that he would have preferred a sale. Then, goals cure everything.

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