Chelsea Star Loanee Reveals Why He Decided to Leave

Inter and Chelsea will have to sit down to discuss the future of Romelu Lukaku in the summer following a season-long loan spell. The striker gave clear hints about where he wants to be in an interview with Prime Video during the first episode of the documentary One for All about the Belgian national team (via Goal).

“I feel good about myself now, which is an important thing. I accept who I am and don’t care about what others say about me. If I made a mistake, that’s my doing, and nobody else’s, and I will never put my life in another man’s hands.”

“I was no longer happy in England. I wanted a new experience, as something was missing. That’s why I left. My mind was elsewhere. I didn’t feel myself evolving as a person. I had given everything I had. When I came to that realization, I thought about where to go, and I picked Italy. My family is fine here.”

Lukaku looked back at his injury, which was more severe than reported.

“People don’t know that I tore a tendon in my thigh while practicing before the Cremonese game. It was the first time I didn’t play for six months. It led me to thinking that I should maybe opt for a longer rehab. When you start very young, there aren’t many people you can talk about this stuff with. I could have used some days off in September. I’ve done everything for Belgium, and it’s an honor. But it made me reflect on what happened. It’s my body. Vincent Kompany had to retire suddenly at 33, and I don’t the same to happen to me.”

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