Chelsea Stunning Call Might Impact Future of Inter Star

Chelsea shocked the football world by firing coach Thomas Tuchel, and the choice could have meaningful ramifications for Inter since Romelu Lukaku pushed his way out of Stamford Bridge primarily because of his poor relationship with the German gaffer.

The Belgian star officially returned in Milan on a season-long loan with no option to buy him. Previous reports suggested that the two clubs had a gentleman’s agreement in place to prolong his spell for at least another campaign with the same formula.

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta was quizzed by Sky about whether Tuchel being ousted could affect Lukaku before the Bayern Munich game.

“We don’t know what the effects of this decision could be yet. It just happened. In the meantime, we will enjoy him for this season, then we will take stock with him and Chelsea. I think it’s premature to think about him staying past this year.”

The executive also dished on Milan Skriniar.

“His extension is on the docket, and we consider him an important part of our formation. It’s clear that we will do everything in our power to keep him, then it will be up to him to choose, but we are optimistic.”

Our Take on Tuchel and Lukaku

This turn of events risks being a curveball for Inter as, despite the formula used this summer, it was more likely than not that the return would somehow get prolonged and become permanent down the line. The striker has changed his mind quite a few times, and he might feel the urge to try being the top dog at Chelsea again, which would have been a no go with the German coach. Combined with Inter’s well-known financial restrictions, the landscape might indeed change.

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