Chiellini Announces Retirement from International Duties

Giorgio Chiellini plans to play his final Italy game versus Argentina: “If I am fit, I will bid farewell to the Azzurri in Wembley, where I reached the peak of my international career, and maybe overall. That victory was so unique. It will certainly be my last match with them. It is time to let the youngsters play, who are capable.”

Instead, the defender has yet to decide what to do at the club level, as the rumors about a potential move to the MLS continue to mount. He commented to DAZN (via SportMediaset): “We will see. We still need to seal the Champions League qualification and try to win the Coppa Italia. Then, I will discuss with my two families, at home and on the pitch, and assess what to do next year. I am 38, so it is normal to take stock of everything.”

Chiellini will still be part of Juventus down the line, even if left in the short term: “My love story with the Bianconeri is not over and will never end. And I think it goes both ways. I re-upped very late last year, so I live day by day, with happiness and serenity.”

“It is important to finish well and attempt to climb the table. It would help us start better in 2022-2023. Our growth during the campaign was important, but our position in the standings is fair. We dropped a lot of points early. The ambition of this club is to win, so we must never settle.”