Christian Eriksen to Be Tested in a New Position Against Fiorentina

Christian Eriksen will be fielded as deep-lying playmaker in the Coppa Italia match with Fiorentina, relieving Marcelo Brozovic in that position, Antonio Conte announced in the pre-game presser, changing his mind compared to few months ago, when he said that the ex-Spur could not take care of that role.

The coach stated about the Dane: “There are always favorable and unfavorable moments throughout the career of a player, you always need character to get out of the difficulties. We have taken the time to work tactically and tried him as playmaker. I expect great things from him on Wednesday.”

In late November, the gaffer was asked about the same proposition: “Absolutely not, I do not think he can be used in that role, it would bee too penalizing. His main skill is that he shoots perfectly with both feet. You hurt him significantly if you take that away.

Our view

While they are having troubles finding a solution in the transfer market, this looks like a Hail Mary to make the most of a distressed asset as Eriksen has not panned out as box-to-box midfield due to his lack of athleticism and the coach has been resistant to tweaking his scheme to deploy as no.10, nor his level of performances has justified it. Inter have long needed a back-up for Brozovic and might as well make such experiment in a not-so-meaningful game, where the downside is limited, and it could work out on paper given Eriksen’s technique.