Ciro Immobile Hails Helpful Stylistic Shift under Sarri

Ciro Immobile had a candid presser from Coverciano today: Maurizio Sarri completed changed how Lazio play, and this helps me with the national team too. I will try to give my 100 percent in the next two games. The excessive criticism stings me a little. I know that my numbers with Italy are not as good. I would surely like to improve them.”

“At times, I feel like I am not being treated like others as if I was not part of the Euro squad. That is just mean. I am satisfied with what I am doing with the Azzurri. My performances have been good, but I have to score more.”

Immobile did not hide his ambitions: “I aim to be the top Italy striker in Qatar. It is my dream and my objective, and I will chase after it. I am stubborn. At first, I strived to become a football player and a prolific striker, then to win the Golden Boot and the Euro.”

“It may be true that I need to be cuddled, but I think that goes for most players. Roberto Mancini has done it multiple times. Andrea Belotti was affected by an early injury, but he is coming back strong now. I am very happy he scored his 100th goal in Serie A. We are constantly in touch.”

Immobile detailed the recent tactical changes: “I no longer play with somebody close to me at Lazio, and that is the case with Italy too. Sarri often says that I could hit the net more often if I attacked the box with more variety. We are trying to adjust to his demands, and I think we are improving. I initially asked him if I was the issue, but he always replied it was not the case.”