Seedorf Picks Milan and Inter as the Teams to Beat and Jibes Juventus

Milan legend and former coach Clarance Seedorf is optimistic about his previous team’s chances: “I am in touch with Paolo Maldini. The Rossoneri are in good hands with him. Only those who played in a club can carry its true DNA. They are building something solid, and I consider crucial to have the right mix of youngsters and veteran players.”

Seedorf spoke to Tuttosport: “I never considered age to be an important factor in football. I had better numbers in some tests at 34 than at 26 when I was at Milan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Olivier Giroud have always been great professionals, and that makes it easier to keep playing. Experience compensates for several intangibles where youngsters are lacking. For instance, how to handle the emotions, practices, and the struggles. When you have leaders like that, you have the upper hand in important aspects. And it gives the others time to come along.”

“I am still proud for what I did on the Milan bench, although I am sorry it took them this long to return to the Champions League. Maybe they would have been quicker if they made different choices. I believe Serie A will be even more balanced than last season. The teams that finished outside of the top three got better.”

“In my mind, Inter and Milan are a step above the competition. Then, we will see how they will handle having two competitions. The Nerazzurri lost important pieces that were hard to replace, but they remain an excellent team. Instead, I think Juventus are no longer hungry. They have had their winning cycle, they are rebuilding now, but they can take their time since they have been on top for so long. But they will be right there if the other sides leave an opening.”