Coordinator Rocchi Praises Referees of Roma-Napoli and Inter-Juventus

As usual, the referees faced criticism following Round 9, in particular for the episodes in Roma-Napoli and Inter-Juventus. Coordinator Gianluca Rocchi saw no issues: “I am really satisfied with yesterday’s matchday. The officials were excellent. We are watching great games, and a part of the credit goes to them too. Surely their job is a lot harder this year due to the return of the fans on the stands.”

Rocchi talked to Radio Rai: “We have decided to invest in the youngsters, and we picked Maurizio Mariani and Davide Massa for the toughest games. They are international referees, but they are still growing and do not have the same experience as Daniel Orsato.”

A few coaches, including Luciano Spalletti and José Mourinho, were expelled during the weekend: “I talked to them, and they apologized afterward. I am happy about that. The former is Tuscan-born like me. Massa is an introvert and felt like he was attacked. We asked the referees to be intransigent with those who misbehave. We do not hide the errors, but the last round was strong. I am delighted with how the officials approached the last matches.

Rocchi concluded with some remarks on the VAR: “It has had major benefits, as it removed many errors and brought more justice in football. It can still be perfected. We will have a different instrument in the future. Technology is constantly developing. But I want referees to primarily decide on the pitch. That is a guarantee for players and coaches.”