Court Releases Motivations Behind Juventus Conviction

Right on schedule, the Cout of Appeal of the Federation has disclosed why Juventus were deducted 15 points after re-opening the first plusvalenze trial. The Bianconeri were found to have committed a sporting offense considering the seriousness and the repeated and prolonged nature of the violations (via Repubblica).

The judges reversed the previous acquittal due to the pieces of evidence coming from the Prisma inquiry, which painted a different picture than in the past. They revealed the intent behind the alteration of the transfer values. They considered the wiretaps unequivocal and self-incriminating. The execs of the Old Lady hid and doctored documents about the false capital gains.

Therefore, the balance sheets of Juventus during the seasons in question were unreliable, which affected the competition. Rather than examining each deal, the court attested that the infractions existed and were systemic. The punishment was proportionate to the effects of the transgressions on the results of previous seasons.

According to the court, sporting director Fabio Paratici, his deputy Federico Cherubini, president Andrea Agnelli, the whole, CEO Maurizio Arrivabene, the main shareholder, and all the officials were aware of the artificiality of the operations and that the situation was out of control.

Rather than for the valuations per se, the judges deemed the whole set of charges represented a breach of sports loyalty. Juventus lamented that other clubs weren’t punished. It was because there were no new elements against them. They will appeal to a court within the Italian Olympic Committee trying to argue some technicalities.

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