“Cristiano Ronaldo Happy at Juventus,” Believes Alvaro Morata

While the reports about Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Real Madrid are intensifying, Alvaro Morata stated that the star teammate is fine at Juventus. The Spanish striker gave an interview to the radio show El Larguero, weighing in on multiple topics.

On the season: “It has been a complicated year, some details and mistakes caused our elimination in Champions League. It is everybody’s fault. We try to look at the bright side, we won the Supercoppa and we reached the final in Coppa Italia. Serie A is always difficult, this campaign was full of changes after nine successful ones. It would not so bad overall if we won the domestic cup.”

On CR7’s potential comeback at Real Madrid: “We discuss a lot of things, both on the pitch, for instance pressure and tactics, or outside, but we have not talked about it. If he does not look at ease it is maybe because he is accustomed to playing Champions League finals. It would have been the same in another club, it is not a Juventus-related problem. He likes the group, but he is a winner, so it is normal for him to be angry for this situation. I think he is happy at Juventus and I want him to stay because this team must have the best in world.”

On his future: “When you are on loan, your opinion does not carry a lot of weight. I was fine at Atletico Madrid and I am now. I am under contract, they will let me know at the end of the season. I have not heard from the management about it. We are at the beginning of a new project and I am glad to be here.” Juventus can extend the loan for another season for €10M or buy him out for €45M in June.