Milan Fans Display Touching COVID-19 Related Banner in Derby

A highly entertaining Derby della Madonnina affair at the San Siro was brilliantly set in motion by Rossoneri faithful in the famous Curva Sud section of the stadium.

The ultras were at the heart of an astonishing tifo as they dedicated a few words to the first-line responders, medical staff and those succumbed to COVID-19 by saying, ‘Milan does not forget’.

The fans at the stadium took their time to make a huge banner for the first Derby di Milano clash of the season and sent a special message to everyone involved in the fight against the deadly virus.

Before kick-off, the Rossoneri fans dedicated important words of support in large banners that were unfurled from the highest stands above the Curva Sud, in a successive stream of four, one after the other.

It read:

To those who fought, to those who didn’t make it;

To those who battled on the front lines to save the nation;

We honor all of these people, dedicating the most important choreography of the season;

Milan does not forget. Thank you.”

All these were then followed by an impeccable tifo that covered the entire section of the stadium.

It consisted an image of front-line workers in marks, holding an Italian flag in solidarity that held a black mourning symbol right in the middle.