Danilo Names His Three Champions League Favorites Above Juventus

Danilo does not consider Juventus among the frontrunners to win the Champions League. “Liverpool, Manchester City, and PSG are theoretically ahead of us. I have been here for just a couple of years, but I already perfectly identify myself with this club and its work ethic. It is a great team considering its organization and ability to reinvent itself.”

He talked to the Brazilian’s Youtube Channel Fui Clear?: Giorgio Chiellini extending his contract was important. He is the symbol of the work culture inside Juventus. They brought back Massimiliano Allegri, who has made history with this side and has victory in his DNA. We are not the favorites in Europe, but we are very motivated, and we will be competitive.”

The fullback looked back at last season: “We dropped a lot of points; maybe we would not have if the Juventus fans were on the stands. They are spectacular. We missed them dearly as they always give us an extra boost.”

Danilo has given some thought to his post-retirement plans: “I will not be an executive, as I will work on the pitch if I stay in football. I am not certain yet, but I like its psychology a lot. Mental strength makes a big difference in my opinion. It is an area that interests me, but I can not rule out being a coach. Sometimes I draw schemes when I am alone in my room.”

On top of Juventus, the defender also discussed Italy and Serie A in general: “For a Brazilian, the Azzurri are a showpiece. They are very solid and play well. They have high-caliber players. The national team is a reflection of the league. There is a lot of study and tactical savviness here, but the style is starting to be good-looking at every level.”