De Laurentiis Candid on Osimhen, Mourinho, and Zielinski

Aurelio De Laurentiis addressed a few hot-button topics at the end of a League’s assembly, starting by commenting the recent words by Victor Osimhen (via Sky).

“We already knew he would leave last summer. Otherwise, the negotiation for his renewal wouldn’t have been so long. He will move to Real Madrid, PSG, or the Premier League.”

De Laurentiis rubbished the reports about José Mourinho.

“He doesn’t have anything to do with Napoli. He’s a great coach, very fun and impetuous, but I think his future will be abroad. Surely not with us.”

De Laurentiis suggested that Piotr Zielinski would depart as well.

“He’s a very good kid and has been with us for eight years. Some love stories end on their own. If he wishes to stay, we’re ready to embrace him. Instead, if he wants out because his agent smells the stench of money… Evidently, he imagined he could pocket a nice sum and persuaded the player, his entourage, and his family.”

“I can say that Zielinski earns a lot more here than what Inter would reportedly give him. I told Giuseppe Marotta that he was not behaving correctly. I did it with a smile, though, also because he said that it wasn’t true. It became a gag.”

Finally, De Laurentiis dished on their transfer market.

“Leo Ostigard is a great player, and we need him. When you make some acquisitions, you have to experiment with them. It’s hard to take stock until you see them play.”

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