De Laurentiis Endorses Italiano for the Napoli Bench

While the coaching search is ongoing, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis was highly complementary of Fiorentina manager Vincenzo Italiano, who’s in the running along with a few other options. The owner attended the Coppa Italia final and spoke with SportMediaset (via Calciomercato).

“I’ve always been a fan of him. I went to the locker room to congratulate him directly when his Spezia beat us four years ago. Somebody from our side was flabbergasted because it doesn’t usually happen. But I disagree. We should give credit where credit is due.”

The governor believes Italiano would be ready to take over Napoli even though he has never guided a top team.

“Fiorentina are already a big side. Unfortunately, people in Italy tend to think that only four or five clubs are elite, while the others are on an inferior tier. But that’s not true. The Viola have a long tradition and a great fan base. I’ve shot many movies in Florence. Their cuisine only trails Naples’ one in my mind.”

De Laurentiis also weighed in on the future squad.

“We need to get to work. I’ve always done that and rarely made mistakes. We’ll have to be calm and collected and avoid making rush decisions. I’m aware we have a strong roster already, so we are starting on the right foot. We’ll approach the next season to win again.”

“We hope this campaign serves as the renaissance of Italian football. I think it needs to change, here and in Europe. The game is ancient and has gotten stale. The governing bodies don’t want to touch anything because it’s always dangerous. It’s easier to sit on your hands out of fear of making errors.”

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