De Laurentiis Makes Bold Proclamation About New Stadium

After trying to agree with the City to renovate the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona for a few years, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis decided it would be easier to build a new one in a different area. He announced it to Rai’s TG3 Campania (via La Repubblica).

“I’m very sorry, but I think there’s not much we can do. I visited our current arena with an architect. He explained to me that the only way to do things properly would be to build a stadium inside the current one to move the stands much closer. The visibility is very poor now. We would need to go elsewhere for three years, and I honestly don’t want that. I asked him to come up with a project for a new one.”

De Laurentiis indicated where he would like the new stadium to be located.

“I wish Mayor Gaetano Manfred would help me with my idea to valorize the Bagnoli area. I’d like to add a mall and our new training facilities, leaving Castel Volturno. We’d have 12 pitches that would be available to the less privileged.”

De Laurentiis has a precise and optimistic timetable in mind.

“The land will be reclaimed in the next 18 months. We’d start the construction work right after. We’d finish in a year, so we could host Euro 2032. The arena would have 60k seats and would be ready in 2027. I asked for maximum velocity as far as the bureaucracy is concerned.”

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