Di Gregorio Agent Slows Down Timetable of Juventus Move

Michele Di Gregorio has been strongly linked to Juventus in recent days and, while the transfer could indeed go through, it’s not a done deal already. His agent Carlo Alberto Belloni spoke on the topic to Sportitalia.

“He has reached very high levels. He’s one of the top five goalkeepers in Europe performance-wise according to Sofa’s stats. It’s a great satisfaction.”

Di Gregorio has just been named the best shot-stopper of the season by Serie A.

“He has become more mature in certain moments of the game and improved his decision-making. He used to be too instinctual. Despite the media attention, he has stayed grounded, even though he self-aware. The award proved his worth, but he has always been humble. He’s ready to make the jump to a more important club now. That was always the plan.”

Belloni tempered the buzz about Di Gregorio moving to Juventus.

“There have been some talks with them, but it’s not true that everything has been decided already. We’re discussing. The season ended two days ago. The teams are sorting their front offices and their coaches in this stretch. It’s pleasing, but there have been similar conversations with other teams as well. He’ll go on vacation and, if there’ll be something concrete and there’ll be the opportunity to leave Monza, he’ll do it. Competition? He has always dealt with it. It increased the higher he got. He’s absolutely prepared given the path he has had over the years.”

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