Di Maria Says He Will Complete Season with Juventus

Angel Di Maria had been rumored to bolt in the next window, heading back to Argentina six months before the natural conclusion of his contract. He took it to Instagram to dismiss the buzz.

“I’m not used to provide explanations when I read these lies, but it’s time to do it. I don’t know who invented the rumors about me leaving in January. My remarks where I state that I will retire at Rosario Central (my first club) are recent. However, I’ve been been saying the same thing since I started playing in Europe in 2007. That doesn’t mean that I want to depart right away. Please stop spreading made-up news.”

“I’m very happy in this great club and in this city. When I will be fit again, I will give the squad the best I have, as I’ve always done in any team I’ve starred for. I love playing football, and I’d rather be on the pitch than watch matches from home. Don’t believe everything you read because it doesn’t help. It just soils my name and the side’s one.”

The Argentine has tallied just seven appearances so far due to multiple thigh injuries and a two-game disqualification.

Our Take on Di Maria

It’s a quick rebuttal that clears the air for the Winter. However, it doesn’t amend what has happened so far, nor does it strengthen a marriage that hasn’t worked out and doesn’t have much sense going forward since Juventus have been eliminated from the Champions League and aren’t competing for the Scudetto. The Bianconeri can only hope for better health following the World Cup, eyeing a comeback to fight for a top-four finish.

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