Dimarco Longs to Fulfil Dream of Becoming an Inter Icon

Federico Dimarco is off to a good start this season and is reportedly in line to get a new contract. The fullback has no doubts about where he wants to be in the future, as he told SportMediaset.

“Becoming a stalwart? I hope that will be the case. It’s my dream to play here, and I don’t see any problem on the horizon.”

“What we achieved last year was extraordinary. The history of Inter speaks clearly, and it doesn’t often happen to go that far in the Champions League. I think we have to restart from there. We know it won’t be easy, but we’re at a good point. We mustn’t fear anybody. It’s just football. We do this job to star in important games.”

Dimarco is wary of the danger of dropping points in Serie A.

“We made the mistake of not taking it game to game last year but rather look too far ahead at those that meant the most. We have corrected that because every tilt is key and we can’t underestimate anybody.”

Dimarco commented on Marcus Thuram and the challenges ahead.

“I already knew him because we faced each other at the youth level. All our strikers are doing well currently. The contest versus Bologna will be more than difficult. It’s never easy after the Champions League. Our rivals for the title will surely be Napoli, since they won last year, then Milan and Juventus.”

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