“Disappointed, I Expected More” – Stefano Pioli Reflects on Milan Setback

The darkest day for Milan, and a night of rebirth for Lazio. In what is arguably their most difficult moment since the beginning of the season, Milan suddenly find themselves in the fifth place of the Serie A table, consequence of their dire 0-3 loss to the Biancocelesti in the Monday night game.

Stefano Pioli went straight to the point in his post-match remarks, as reported by Sky Sport: “Our opponents were better than us but I was expecting more from my team. We had the technical and physical qualities to do better than this.

However, the coach was not happy with referee Daniele Orsato’s decision to allow the second goal to Lazio as he claimed there was a foul in the build-up: “The match got very complicated when we went down 0-2 but I can’t understand how Lucas Leiva’s contact on Calhanoglu could not be deemed a foul.

Pioli went on to say: “We should have equalized in the first half, when we played better. After the game, my players had my same expression, they were very disappointed despite our game was not awful. Our chase to a Champions League spot is getting complicated, as all teams are running and every point counts a lot, but we have no time to cry even though these two losses in a row have slowed us down,” he added.

The coach was asked whether the Rossoneri‘s approach to the game was too cautious but he didn’t seem to agree: “We were not scared but we put Lazio in the condition of playing in the way they wanted. We knew we couldn’t afford to remain two against two as they have such fast strikers as Correa and Immobile. That was a risk, we should have been more careful. We also had our chances and it wouldn’t have taken much to convert them. Failing to equalize shocked us a bit and the second goal cut us down,” concluded Pioli.