Donnarumma Excludes Abrupt Departure from PSG amid Feud

Gianluigi Donnarumma agrees with Keylor Navas on the notion that their dualism can not continue, but he will not be the one to leave PSG in the summer. The Costa Rican goalkeeper vented in an interview last week, saying that he wished to play all the time.

The Italian international talked to Sky: “Winning Ligue 1 was a nice satisfaction. It was a year of adaptation for me, but I am truly happy with how it went. We are sorry for disappointing our fans in Champions League, but we will try to redeem ourselves. They always supported us. We understand their protest, and we wanted to do more in Europe too. We were down in the dumps in the locker room after the elimination.”

Donnarumma said the had had no plans to flee PSG: “I am here to be the starter. It was a transitional season personally, as it is not easy to move and learn a new language and habits. I have an excellent relationship with Navas, but, as he said, this situation has been challenging. Things surely have to change. I will stay here and try to win the Champions League.”

The shot-stopper weighed in on the Scudetto race and Lionel Messi: “I hope Milan wins the title. I often speak with my former teammates. They are having a great campaign, and Stefano Pioli is doing a wonderful job. Leo is still the best in the world, and he is a great guy. He is key for us.”