Donnarumma Still Fond of Milan, Dishes on His Experience at PSG

Gianluigi Donnarumma spoke about his return to San Siro from Coverciano today: “Milan is an important part of my life. I am excited, and I do not expect any hostility. I will always be a fan of the Rossoneri, and I am happy about how they are faring. Stefano Pioli and I chat often. I think I have improved in the past two months in terms of self-awareness.”

On his role at PSG: “There are no issues there or with the national team. I joined to play, and this situation is normal at the start. I am sure everything will go well.”

Donnarumma talked about his relationship with Paolo Maldini: “I have no issues with him and I complimented him for yesterday’s win. I am happy for reuniting with my former teammates. We are all adults, and we will get along nicely.”

“There is always room for improvement. I am constantly having a dialogue with the goalkeeper coach in that regard. We have a strong connection.”

“Winning the Euro creates some expectations for the World Cup. However, we keep working with humility. We know our value, and we will be among the contenders. But we are focusing on the Nations League now.”

Donnarumma previewed the game with Spain: “We expect something similar to what happened in the summer. We have to do better in some situations. It was not an easy match, and we will again need to give our 110 percent to defeat them.”

He concluded by addressing his time at PSG: “Training with so many champions make you improve, both humanly and from the football standpoint. I always try to give my best, and they do not score all the time in practice. I think the locker room is very tight and serene, and I am at ease.”