Dumfries Open to New Inter Deal, Attracted by the EPL

Denzel Dumfries might be the only Inter regular to depart this summer due to his short-term contract and a challenging negotiation to extend it but didn’t appear in a rush to do so in an interview with Gianluca Di Marzio.

“Winning the Scudetto was beautiful, and I felt we would manage eventually since I first joined. We threw it away in my first year, but we finally did. Reaching the second star was wonderful and clinching it against Milan was extra special. All our fans hoped to seal it in that game. We fully deserved it. We worked hard for three years to conquer this achievement. I’m happy we succeeded.”

Dumfries was asked whether his future will still be at Inter despite the chatter.

“I think so. It’s a really great club, and I’m in love with it. Its people and my teammates are like a family to me. I feel at home here. We’ve been discussing my renewal for some time, but the team was going through some economic difficulties. The ownership has changed, as everybody knows. We’ll see what happens during Euro 2024 or afterward.”

Dumfries dropped a hint about where he might go if he left.

“It’s not a secret that I’d like to play in the Premier League. I love it, and my style suits English football. However, it’s a blessing to be at Inter and to have won six trophies in three years. My family is happy in Milan. I could never leave just to fulfill a dream. My blood is Nerazzurro, and I’m very attached to everybody here.”

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