Dybala Dishes on Roma, Mourinho Courtship, and Ronaldo

Paulo Dybala chatted about his time in Rome, José Mourinho, and a few more topics in a lengthy interview with DAZN (via Virgilio).

“The Giallorossi fans are passionate and incredible. I felt that since day one. Their hymn before games is unique. Experiencing something like that is like staring at a work of art. When director Tiago Pinto reached out to me, a few historic references about the city came to my mind, and I mulled about joining. In the end, I told myself that I had to do something for it.”

Dybala spoke highly about his current coach.

“Mourinho’s image and power are important because of what he represents in football. We talked twice before I moved here, once when I was still in Turin. He’s very good when he speaks with somebody because he wants to get inside his interlocutor.”

“There’s special chemistry between us. It’s hard to find somebody direct and sincere in football. We discuss often, and we want what’s best for the people. He made history. He’s great at preparing matches, as his predictions are proven right on the pitch. He’s extremely knowledgeable and won everywhere. It’s true that he told me I was a phenomenon after Roma-June in January 2022. It had never happened to me that an opposing coach did something like that.”

Dybala dished on Cristiano Ronaldo.

“I had three good years with him. The team was strong, and he added something extra. However, the rivalry between him and Lionel Messi is heated in Argentina. One day, we were chatting on the plane, and I told him that I used to hate him when I was a kid. We laughed about it and always had a nice rapport.”

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