Fagioli Ban Finalized, Juventus Haggling with Rabiot

Nicolò Fagioli has finalized his plea bargain with the FIGC’s federal prosecutor. He will serve a seven-month suspension for illegally betting on football matches. He has been technically banned for 12 months, with five of them converted in alternative provisions, plus a €12.5k fine, Sky reports.

He’ll follow a therapeutic plan for at least six months, attending ten public meetings in the span of five months in local amateurish sports associations, federal centers, and gambling addiction treatment facilities. The body will oversee his compliance. He’ll technically be available for the last two matches of the season.

Now that the Fagioli situation is somewhat addressed, Juventus wish to sort out another outstanding matter in the midfield, Adrien Rabiot’s renewal, Calciomercato informs. He kept his options open in a recent interview. He stated that re-upping was the best choice last summer but didn’t commit for the future. His deal is up in June.

Juventus wish to come to terms with the French start before January. They want him to stay long-term and are readying a three-year contract.

Our Take on Juventus, Rabiot, and Fagioli

The matter was already thorny beforehand, even more so with Paul Pogba and Nicolò Fagioli unavailable for the rest of the season. If they operated like a normal club, they’d try to reach a multi-year agreement until December and sell him in January if they couldn’t. However, they are likely too depleted to have the luxury of putting their finances above their technical needs.

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