FIGC Head Gravina Under Investigation in Strange Affair

The president of the FIGC (the Italian Football Association) Gabriele Gravina is under investigation for potential offenses that predate his current role. He was interrogated in Rome on Wednesday. He had asked to meet with the DA’s office to defend himself from “intolerable exploitations and erroneous interpretations of facts involving him,” La Repubblica reports.

The exec is one of the many prominent figures allegedly looked into by the police forces without proper authorization. On the other hand, the detectives found something fishy in his past.

Gravina is being accused of embezzlement and money laundering due to a transaction he spearheaded as the head of Lega Pro, the third division, in 2018. He’s suspected of having cashed in something on the side while brokering a deal to sell the TV rights to the digital platform ISG. The kickback was masked by two options to buy some ancient books he curated. After that, he used the money to purchase an apartment in Milan, even though the deal fell through.

Talking to the investigators, he explained that he didn’t tend to the negotiation or receive a bribe. The book-related transactions did happen, although at a later time, and were properly documented. His lawyers talked to the press.

“We showed the papers about everything. Gravina was interrogated with all the proper legal guarantees. All this fuss was unnecessary. Our client is a victim. We hope they find the instigators of this doxing.”

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