FIGC Investigate Lazio Fans Over Anti-Semitic Chants in Roma Clash

The Derby della Capitale was blemished once again with insulting and discriminating chants during Lazio’s 1-0 win over Roma, this time regarding antisemitic choruses from the Biancocelesti supporters during the tense affair in the Italian capital.

Italian football authorities from FIGC’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office have opened an investigation into the alleged chants by Lazio fans directed at Roma fans. The club themselves released an official statement condemning the seemingly offensive actions carried out by the fans in the stands, which reportedly occurred before the game began.

“They’re not part of our culture and don’t represent our fans,” Lazio said in the statement.

Serie A president Lorenzo Casini spoke after the match to the press (via Voce Giallorossa), taking the chance to denounce the off-field episodes at the Stadio Olimpico.

“Fortunately, these people are few and fewer and fewer. The rules are there, the tools to sanction too, to improve even more it is essential to start as children. Otherwise the repressive tool, however strong, will never be able to eradicate phenomena like these that are not good not only for football but for the whole of society in general.”

Fascist fan groups are common at Serie A clubs. And Lazio supporters have a close connection to extreme right-wing ideas in the country, maintaining close ties with counterparts at Inter and Verona.

Last season, the handler of Lazio’s eagle mascot praised dictators Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco after being suspended by the club for performing a fascist salute at the end of a match.

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